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Our Services

Government Contracting Support

Many businesses make work complicated by their wrong actions. Prime contractors, subcontractors, vendors or suppliers, professional service providers, manufacturers and other legal business entities can qualify for a government contract.


Pegasus has contract administrators and specialists who are experienced in the interpretation of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and ability to execute representations and certifications necessary for the administration of government contracts. Here are the things we can do for you:


  • Provide full services in registering your business entity in SAM.Gov, from gathering your company information to obtaining your DUNS, Cage and NAICS codes.


  • Identify the right Federal acquisition vehicles for your specific products and service offerings, enter your business keywords and set daily alerts to stay on top of any and all contract opportunities related to your business.


  • Gather government's 5-10 year strategic plans and budget for future opportunities to gain knowledge and understanding of where funding is appropriated.


  • Help your business become familiar with various contract forms applicable to certain requirements for compliance and auditing purposes.


  • Advise businesses in the areas of DD-254 Security Clearance, DCAA/DCMA functions, various SBA certifications, and FAR clauses and subjects that Google can't articulate. 

Proposal Management and Support Services

We've got you covered. Pegasus employees average more than 20 years of experience in the proposal industry.  We can assemble an entire proposal support team to work with your solution architect and pricing specialist for a bundled engagement OR provide a full-time proposal manager who can drive the entire effort with your internal team from start to finish.  No matter your needs, let us know from the following list:

Proposal planning is key. Pegasus believes in "an hour of planning can save you ten hours of doing." 

  1. Preliminary planning before the solicitation is released.

  2. Initiating teaming discussions

  3. Developing notional proposal schedules

  4. Drafting the proposal management plan

  5. Identifying, preparing, and submitting questions to the contracting officer

  6. Establishing / securing the team area and library

  7. Participating in the development of strategies and themes

  8. Participating in the identification of discriminators

Winning is everything. Pegasus thrives in a consistent action-packed proposal development process. 


  1. Developing the compliance matrix

  2. Developing an annotated outline

  3. Tracking, monitoring, and communicating status

  4. Leading meetings and participating in reviews

  5. Holding kickoff meetings and daily tag-ups

  6. Incorporating capture and proposal strategies

  7. Working with the volume managers

  8. Owning the plan, the schedule and production

  9. Owning configuration management

  10. Managing subcontractor activities

  11. Reviewing for compliance

  12. Rewriting resumes

  13. Tracking writing assignments

  14. Overseeing the editing and rewriting efforts

  15. Implementing gate reviews, and signoff requirements

  16. Planning color team reviews

  17. Directing production activities

  18. Delivering or shipping proposal to customer

Professional Staffing

  • Robust pipeline. Pegasus identifies and qualifies a pipeline of highly experienced proposal managers and writers and contract administrators on an ongoing basis using multiple sources—including our own HR sites, dozens of job boards and other staffing agencies. 

  • Best talent. Pegasus recruits highly qualified, certified and experienced candidates following proven recruitment approach tailored for identified contract role. Our founder and CEO's experience in people focuses on attitude before ability..."I can always train and improve our employees' ability to perform but never their attitude."  ​

  • High retention rate. Pegasus provides a competitive compensation package—including a full range of employee benefits—and implements annual bonuses, performance merit increases and promotions. 

  • Investing in people. Pegasus encourages and pays for continuous employee training that focuses on career development and advancement relevant to our client needs.

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