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Oracle BI Developer

Job Location


Contract Length

3 Years

Type of Job

Full Time

Office Location

Harrisburg, PA, USA

Salary Range


Published Date

August 1, 2020

Job Description

Pegasus is seeking for a direct client, an Oracle PL/SQL Database Developer Lead, for the ongoing maintenance and support of the State Employees Retirement Information System (SERIS) 2.0.  SERIS 2.0 is built on an Oracle technology stack including Database, Business Intelligence and Application Development Framework (ADF).  Development of SERIS 2.0 is nearing completion with go-live scheduled in the 2nd half of 2020.

SERS staff have been allocated to supporting the legacy system throughout the course of the modernization project, and though they have been exposed to the product, they are not fully positioned to assume full responsibility of the ongoing maintenance duties for the new system.  Contractor services are required to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing support and maintenance of SERS’ flagship member information and benefit processing system.

The purpose of this contract is to provide the resources and methods required to support and continually improve the SERIS 2.0 application, in support of our clients’ ever-evolving business.

Reports to Project Manager

Project Details

SERIS 2.0 is a large, complex application with over 7,500 business requirements supporting more than 225 business processes, 1,000 unique letters, forms, reports, and other correspondence, nearly 2 million lines of code and over 1,150 database tables.  The new system offers several significant improvements over the legacy system in both business and technology areas including: 

  • introduction of a standard workflow custom developed in Oracle PL/SQL which supports over 200 distinct business processes 

  • improved efficiency through common interfaces and unified terminology 

  • uniform user experience across business areas, and 

  • a robust, modern technology platform.  SERIS 2.0. 

The modernized SERIS 2.0 is scheduled to go-live the first calendar quarter of 2021.  A significant amount of excellent work has been done to get to SERIS 2.0.  This work must continue after the project.  Continuous process improvement and applying innovative solutions to our current and future challenges, all supported by an ever-evolving application system, must become part of SERS normal course of business – doing better for our members and participants.  

Job Requirements
  • A minimum of 4 years of experience is required

  • Must have a solid knowledge of reporting tools or Java language.

  • A Bachelor of Arts or Sciences Degree is required; or equivalent experience.

  • Design and develop a strategy that assists business users in quickly finding the information they need to make better business decisions. Furthermore, will use BI tools or develop custom BI analytic applications that facilitate the end-users' understanding of their systems (through analytic reporting and metadata access).

Other Details

Please submit salary requirements along with Resume.

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