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Your trusted partner in government proposals and contracting...

A 100% woman-owned small business, Pegasus prepares businesses to bid on and win government contracts--often from scratch. We.provide hands-on expertise in building your contracting infrastructure and ensuring your company meets all government requirements. A veteran in government proposals, Pegasus implements a well-tested, results-oriented process that has generated multi-billion dollars of contract awards for businessess, large and small.

Our focus is winning

Pegasus has a one-track mind. We are fixated in helping businesses win government contracts. Here's how we do it in simple terms.

Our Services

Government Contracting Support

Pegasus helps businesses understand the basics of federal government contracting to enhance your chances of success. We walk our clients through steps to getting started and process to winning government contracts. It's more than just doing the paperwork and submitting bids. It's about setting up your business, using a repeatable process, to thrive in the federal marketplace and establishing the foundation to build a solid stream of revenue.

Proposal Management and Support Services

Pegasus understands what it takes to win contracts. Our proposal managers, technical writers and support personnel are industry veterans with extensive level of knowledge and experience in the Federal space. Because we have a proven process in place, Pegasus can take your proposal projects for significantly less than it would cost businesses to do the work themselves. 

Ready to find out more?

Contact us to schedule a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your company's proposal and contracting needs. We honor proprietary information at all times and can sign a Non Disclosure Agreement before any discussion, if needed.

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